An Opportunity to Grow

How are you negotiating the crazy times we live in? Are you stressed? Are you thrilled? Are you making the most of the challenges to learn about yourself, your responses, your behaviours, your thoughts?


Who and How do you want to be?

We learn so much more about ourselves when times are challenging and when things are unpredictable? 

Fast forward 6 months, 12 months, 3 years? As we move out of the pandemic, who do you want to have become? How do you want to use this period for growth and development?  

If ever a time has been a challenge, it’s been the past few years. For many it’s been an opportunity to really see how we respond when times are tough, and what really matters to us.

You’re probably reading this because you are looking for new ways of helping yourself. You are probably on a journey of either healing or personal growth and you need new strategies, new insights or new tools or a combination of all of these.

My approach is about aligning your body, mind and soul, to find your unique path to authenticity, using a combination of embodied approaches either in-person or online, that allow you to connect to your inner resourcefulness, because ultimately you are the one who will make the changes both internally and in your life. 

Because when we are out of alignment it should hurt, it should be painful or challenging, because our bodymind will do everything it can to get our attention so that we can connect, transform and open up to our potential, to our unique gifts.

Who am I? Click her to read my story and find out what helped me become the woman I am today?

Empowering You to Heal and Grow

We are all created perfect, perfectly us, and then life happens and we adapt and often compromise who we are to fit in, to survive, to be loved and accepted.

And for some people that works just fine, but if you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for something.

My approach has always been about empowerment – empowering you to connect to and find your inner resourcefulness.

Through body work, with roots in the 12 Stages of Human Consciousness, you can learn how to use touch, breath and movement to connect to your internal resourcefulness in ways you’ve never thought of.

Your body contains so many hidden resources, and you can learn to uncover the body’s subtle messages and magic that lie within. I am qualified as a chiropractor, using both Network Spinal Analysis and Somato-Respiratory Integration, but my work is more than that. I’ve also had a personal journey which has taken me to working with the feminine archetypes, shamanic healing, meditation and so much more.

I have a natural gift to read the story in someones body and help them to make sense of it, and using my combined skills I will help you access your hidden wisdom. Sometimes it through simple exercises, some of which you can learn and use on your own. Sometimes it’s about helping you to see the unseen in your body, and waking you up to what you are capable of, or what you cannot accept. The work is personal and personalized, even when you work in groups.

I work with people either privately (online or in-person) or in groups. There are also home study courses you can do completely on your own or with additional private coaching.

So what does your body hold that you have yet to access or accept? How does it work for you and how does it limit you? What needs to happen for you to connect and express your authentic nature, so that you can experience more and live the life you want to lead..


What do her clients say?

Rachael is one of the greatest teachers. Attending her workshops really transformed so much in my life.

She teaches how to consciously use breath, movement and energy to access your inner resources and use them in daily life and step by step change your life for better.

You’ve got everything what you need within yourself and Rachael will help you to access it to transform your life. Thank you Rachael, I’m so grateful.

Kasia, London

I began treatment with Rachael in February 2020. I now know how incredibly fortunate I have been!

During the Covid Lockdown her online one to one SRI sessions and weekly workshops have been a true life saver. I have been able to work on deep rooted very distressing issues during a very stressful period in everyone’s lives.

A more accurate picture of how effective SRI and the professional and caring way in which Rachael teaches it I don’t feel could ever have been envisaged!

Thank you so much Rachael. I will be forever grateful to you.  “ 

Sheila Hood

I have benefitted enormously from Rachael’s care in person (face to face, hands on) and online, via zoom. I have worked with Rachael individually and in groups.

Rachael’s care has helped me find a pathway that brings me an increased sense of connection – to myself, my body and others; empowerment; flexibility (literally, in my spine and also in my behaviours and emotions); tolerance and compassion – again for myself and others. I stand taller and stronger. I have clearer boundaries, I feel so much more able to make my own choices about my life. The benefits have extended beyond me to my family and friends. Rachael is skilled, sensitive, wise and very caring. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone that is seeking to heal and grow.”

Helen Snooks

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