Rachael Talbot, DC, MSc, BSc

Rachael is an experienced coach, bodyworker, and empath. Qualifying as a chiropractor in 2003 she went on to specialize in Network Care, an approach that has long been associated with personal growth and wellbeing. She also trained and was certified in Somato Respiratory Integration, a bodywork approach that can be used to increase personal awareness and connection, and to empower individuals on a journey of personal growth.

She is known for her ability to see energy blocks in the body, and to shine light on the embodied stories, rules and beliefs that limit us. By helping the “unpacking” of bound up tension and through teaching how to connect to and embrace natural gifts and wisdom, the authentic self can show up. 

Through her signature work, she has helped people will all kinds of challenges from physical or emotional ailments, to self-esteem, confidence and lack of belief, to step into authenticity and empowerment.

Rachael has a busy in-person practice in Wilmslow, UK. She also works online with groups and private clients.


More about Rachael

Rachael’s in-person clinic is in Cheshire, UK where she works as a chiropractor. Her main technique is Network Care, combining Network Spinal Analysis and Somato-Respiratory Integration. She uses the principles of Re-organisational Healing to help her clients heal and grow, and importantly to her, become more self-empowered so that they become part of their healing journey.

Prior to chiropractic she has a degree in Chemistry and 7 years experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry. This was invaluable as it gave her experience of healthcare from a very different perspective, enabling her to understand her clients from multiple perspectives. She has also had to deal with a diagnosis of late onset type 1 diabetes, and a spinal fracture, both of which have helped her see being sick or injured from both the client and practitioner perspective.

She is married to the wonderful Olaf, and they live in a little house in Bollington, with their two cats Einstein and Schrodinger. Prior to 2020 one of their biggest hobbies was travelling, both for work and pleasure. Through her work she has friends around the world. They remain keen walkers and love the outdoors. 

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