Rachael Talbot – Who am I? 

As a child I thought I wanted to be a Doctor, and duly applied to and was accepted at Edinburgh University to study Medicine. On receiving the offer, my heart sank and I knew it wasn’t for me.

But what was? It took 10 years of struggling, a degree in Chemistry, a serious illness, a failed marriage and finally a bad back injury, and I ended up at Chiropractic School at 29. I thought I had it sorted. I was going to fix bad backs. The universe had other ideas…

I ended up spending a few years in the Netherlands and another failed relationship to work out what I didn’t want to do and how I didn’t want to work.

I returned to the UK and stumbed upon the work of Donald Epstein, also a chiropractor. His reorganizational healing approach, made up of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) put me on a journey of spiritual growth. I can reflect and say I was already on this, but Donny’s work made so much conscious and I could put a framework to my life and my mistakes. 

It was in this period I had to swallow some big truths. Firstly, science did not have all the answers. And from that, I also had to accept that I couldn’t study my way out of the mess I was in. My mind was not going to reveal some magic trick I’d missed. No, I was going to have to go into my body, dig deep, uncover the messy, yucky parts I’d pushed down and away and I was going to have to fall in love with all of me, not just the parts I deemed acceptable and ok. And my body awareness was appalling. And I wasn’t good at being bad at anything. Things had to change!

 So I did a huge amount of work on myself and parallel to that I did everything I could to become as good at my work as I could. Because part of my path and my gift is helping others to heal and find their path. 

I trained and studied with many amazing healers, shamans, coaches diving into different approaches to support my journey. I’ve cried so many tears, I’ve stood on mountain tops, I’ve made some amazing friends along the way, from different countries and continents. 

And out of my journey has come my work. I still work as a Chiropractor in Cheshire, UK and have a wonderful practice where I love and serve my clients. I also work online as a coach and bodyworker, with both individuals and also teach groups. 

My Group work online is offered as BodyMind Awakening, which is my version of Donny Epsteins 12 Stages of Healing. I teach the full series twice a year (it will be in person again one day I hope) and do regular smaller workshops for either beginning or deepening your journey. 

UnMasking the Feminine is for women and includes my podcast and monthly workshops. 






My approach has always been about empowerment – empowering you to connect to and find your inner resourcefulness. If you are looking for someone who can help you tap into your inner resources and become more resourceful, more connected and more authentic, then I may be for you. 

We are all created perfect, perfectly us, and then life happens and we adapt and often compromise who we are. 


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What do her clients say?

Rachael is one of the greatest teachers. Attending her workshops really transformed so much in my life.

She teaches how to consciously use breath, movement and energy to access your inner resources and use them in daily life and step by step change your life for better.

You’ve got everything what you need within yourself and Rachael will help you to access it to transform your life. Thank you Rachael, I’m so grateful.

Kasia, London

I began treatment with Rachael in February 2020. I now know how incredibly fortunate I have been!

During the Covid Lockdown her online one to one SRI sessions and weekly workshops have been a true life saver. I have been able to work on deep rooted very distressing issues during a very stressful period in everyone’s lives.

A more accurate picture of how effective SRI and the professional and caring way in which Rachael teaches it I don’t feel could ever have been envisaged!

Thank you so much Rachael. I will be forever grateful to you.  “ 

Sheila Hood

I have benefitted enormously from Rachael’s care in person (face to face, hands on) and online, via zoom. I have worked with Rachael individually and in groups.

Rachael’s care has helped me find a pathway that brings me an increased sense of connection – to myself, my body and others; empowerment; flexibility (literally, in my spine and also in my behaviours and emotions); tolerance and compassion – again for myself and others. I stand taller and stronger. I have clearer boundaries, I feel so much more able to make my own choices about my life. The benefits have extended beyond me to my family and friends. Rachael is skilled, sensitive, wise and very caring. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone that is seeking to heal and grow.”

Helen Snooks

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