What You Will Learn..

  • You are in control of your destiny
  • You can learn what works for you and what doesn’t
  • You can take control of your emotional responses and no longer be run by them
  • You can increase your energy levels yourself
  • You can change your pain levels and/or your relationship to pain
  • You can learn to live in alignment with your body, not fighting it

And as your mind starts to relinquish it’s control, your true soul energies will start to express and embody. 

Study Online in Live Groups or Home Study Programs

  • Are you are on a journey of personal growth?
  • Are you are yearning for authentic soul connection?
  • Maybe you are constantly in your head trying to figure it all out?
  • Or you’re at the point of wanting to get more involved yourself?
  • You may be in pain physically, emotionally, mentally or even spiritually?
  • Or struggling with energy levels and feel that your body lets you down?
  • You know that the answers are there inside you, you just don’t know how to access them.
  • You know there is a better way, you just haven’t found it yet!  

BodyMind Awakening is for people like you. People who want more connection, more energy, more resources and to put it simply to be as authentic and connected as possible. 



BodyMind Awakening Toolkit takes the 12 Stages of Healing & Living described in the video, and provides you with a roadmap that if followed and studied can take you on the journey to your authentic self. Each Stage has a consciousness and exercises that when used well can be used as one of the best tools I know for healing, transformation and awakening.

In the 3 Month Program (either online only or with Live workshops) you will learn how to connect body, mind and soul through each of the 12 Stages.

Learn the 12 Stages

There are currently 3 basic programs you can take if you want to explore the 12 Stages of Healing & Living at home and with Rachael, in addition to the workshops listed above. 

How to Feel Better

So many people start this journey with the statement – I just want to feel better! 

What does that mean? It often means “I’m sick of how I’m feeling and I just want to feel less – less pain, less struggle, less negativity, less discomfort and so on. 

The way through this is to learn how to feel better, how to work with the uncomfortable, unpleasant emotions, thoughts, sensations and to change your embodied response to them. Often we have to release past or present traumatic events from our body to achieve this.

This program is the foundation for the work I do. It can be done as a standalone course, or it forms the first three modules of the BodyMind Awakening Toolkit. The choice is yours.

Price: £65



BodyMind Awakening Toolkit

The toolkit is a home study program that takes you through the 12 Stages of Healing and Living. It includes videos, articles, and audios which together will help you to learn how to do each stages and also when to use them to deepen your connection to self in a way that helps move you forwards, increases your self-awareness and empowerment and helps you to process the embodied energetics of events, beliefs and emotions that no longer serve.

You can join this program at any time. If you then want to join the Live workshops, there will be a link from within the toolkit, that will allow you to join the next Live workshops


Price £199

BodyMind Awakening Live Workshops

This includes EVERYTHING from the BodyMind Awakening Toolkit plus weekly Live workshops (zoom) where you will be facilitated through each stage in turn, have the opportunity to ask questions about how to do the stages and also about your experiences of the stages. 

Learning and sharing experiences with others, for many is the way they truly learn and embody these exercises. So often someone else puts words to an experience that allows deeper layers to unlock within self. Hearing that others have similar challenges and experiences helps to expand our understanding of self and others and is one of the best ways I know to facilitate the unwinding of tension within the body that no longer serves.

The next starting date for this course is  Monday 10th May, 2021. These workshops will be on a Monday evening, 7pm BST. Each workshop lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.


Full price £299, earlybird pricing available, sign up to be notified. 


Current Stand-alone Workshops Available to Book

There are currently 3 basic programs you can take if you want to explore the 12 Stages of Healing & Living with Rachael. There are also stand-alone workshops that run every few weeks (check below to see what’s upcoming). 

Wednesday 14th April, 7.30 GMT
Live Online Workshop

Learn the first three Stages of Healing & Living in this powerful 2 hour workshop.

You will learn: 

  • your magic recipe for connection to your body
  • how to find ease, peace and power in a moment
  • how to connect to your available energy resources
  • how emotions can be a problem or a gift
  • how to create more emotional flow
  • how your mind plays tricks on your body
  • what to do when you feel stuck and frustrated
  • and so much more

12 Stages of Healing & Living, Live Online Workshop
Saturday 27th March, 2021 13.00-5.30pm

Join me for an experiential workshop where you will journey through the 12 Stages of Healing & Living. It will be Live and Online, so you can ask questions about your experience and learn from others.

Click here for more information

What do her clients say?

Rachael is one of the greatest teachers. Attending her workshops really transformed so much in my life.

She teaches how to consciously use breath, movement and energy to access your inner resources and use them in daily life and step by step change your life for better.

You’ve got everything what you need within yourself and Rachael will help you to access it to transform your life. Thank you Rachael, I’m so grateful.

Kasia, London

I began treatment with Rachael in February 2020. I now know how incredibly fortunate I have been!

During the Covid Lockdown her online one to one SRI sessions and weekly workshops have been a true life saver. I have been able to work on deep rooted very distressing issues during a very stressful period in everyone’s lives.

A more accurate picture of how effective SRI and the professional and caring way in which Rachael teaches it I don’t feel could ever have been envisaged!

Thank you so much Rachael. I will be forever grateful to you.  “ 

Sheila Hood

I have benefitted enormously from Rachael’s care in person (face to face, hands on) and online, via zoom. I have worked with Rachael individually and in groups.

Rachael’s care has helped me find a pathway that brings me an increased sense of connection – to myself, my body and others; empowerment; flexibility (literally, in my spine and also in my behaviours and emotions); tolerance and compassion – again for myself and others. I stand taller and stronger. I have clearer boundaries, I feel so much more able to make my own choices about my life. The benefits have extended beyond me to my family and friends. Rachael is skilled, sensitive, wise and very caring. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone that is seeking to heal and grow.”

Helen Snooks

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