UnMasking the Feminine

 UnMasking the Feminine started as my journey, my journey back to self. So what do I mean by UnMasking the Feminine and what might it mean to you?

I’ve always been an observer of the male / female polarity, of how society treats men and women differently and how as a young woman my need to fight and prove myself was built upon feeling continually “not enough” or “less than” my male counterparts.

That was my truth for a long time. As I move through my 6th decade of life I realize that a lot of my battle was around the expression not of being female, but of the feminine energies, the feminine parts, the parts of me that felt undervalued, unseen, unheard. They had no voice and a big part of that was I never gave them a voice.

So I did a lot of work on myself, mainly with male leaders and coaches and it all helped to a point. In my 40s however a lot of women started showing up who claimed they could help me to claim my power, step into my feminine, embrace my gifts. And all of them helped in different ways.

And through this work I found my place in the move towards UnMasking the Feminine and it was through bodywork. Because so many of these women would come out with comments like “get into your body…..” or “pay attention to what your body or your heart yearns for..” and the like. And these voices inside my head kept going “please show me how, please help me”.

So that is where I now work. Because I spent so much time learning how to get into my body, to listen to my body not my mind, and ultimately to listen to my heart. Am I perfect ? Am I fixed? Am I whole? Absolutely not. However, I have learnt so much about the journey back to self and how to express my authentic nature and that is what I now share and teach.

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